CaptureBias @WWW2018 Lyon

CaptureBias was at #WWW2018 The Web Conference in Lyon and here are some of the papers we have selected related to bias, perspectives and opinions in text and video news:

– Detecting Biased Statements in Wikipedia,

– Selection Bias in News Coverage: Learning it, Fighting it,

– A Content Management Perspective on Fact-Checking,…/3190000/3188727/p565-cazalens.html

– Demarcating Endogenous and Exogenous Opinion Diffusion Process on Social Networks,

– VizByWiki: Mining Data Visualizations from the Web to Enrich News Articles,…/3186135/p873-linfordadarhecht.html

– Assessing the News Landscape: A Multi-Module Toolkit for Evaluating the Credibility of News,…/3190000/3186987/p235-horne.html

– Ranking-based Method for News Stance Detection,…/3190000/3186919/p41-zhang.html

– Combining Neural, Statistical and External Features for Fake News Stance Identification,…/3200000/3191577/p1353-bhatt.html

– Is this the Era of Misinformation yet: Combining Social Bots and Fake News to Deceive the Masses,…/3200000/3191610/p1557-wang.html

– A Structured Response to Misinformation: Defining and Annotating Credibility Indicators in News Articles,…/3190000/3188731/p603-zhang.html

– Fake News Detection in Social Networks via Crowd Signals,…/31…/3188722/p517-tschiatschek.html

– Satire or Fake News? Social Media Consumers Socio-Demographics Decide,…/3190000/3188732/p613-bedard.html

All to be found in the

#capturebias #www2018 #thewebConference #bias #socialnetwork #fakenews


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